Congratulations and welcome in to Freedom, giving you access to art marketing and sales training, support and community.

It’s still fairly new, so I’m putting stuff in place and I’ll keep you informed as things come on board.

First thing, go join the Facebook Group. And probably bookmark this page.

For now, if you didn’t have an account here (it’s different to any other WordPress login you may have) check for an email giving you your username and password, then if necessary, log in here: .

I’ve made sure you have access to all the courses but here’s how I suggest you tackle it.

The Do It Machine is the training that takes you from where you are to a fully realised custom way to sell your art. It’s also organic and has loop-backs, so you can just keep improving until you have what you need. I suggest the mental approach is to establish the habit of doing (get a copy of Atomic Habits*) and to enjoy the journey, put aside an hour a day or a morning a week as you wish. The sales will come.

With that established as a habit, have a look at the other programmes. I suggest Gallery You next. It gives you a publicity routine for your shows, and if you haven’t got shows, I have a secret super special way to get around that.

With those two set up as habits .. if you want to be noticed by the establishment, get picked up by galleries and so on, there’s a technique called Omnipresence which I outline in this programme: Get Discovered By Galleries.

Then it’s a case of optimising everything you do so I would do what it says here The ideal artist’s website: 7 things to do, 2 things to avoid and go through Write Like You Mean It (coming soon) and The Uplifting Fanbase.

For bedtime reading my book has the time and space to go into some more of the ground this all stands on, and also to look out more generally so it should give you more ideas how to move forward: Sell Your Art, Your Way. Be more you and escape to freedom, and here’s The ideal artist’s website: 7 things to do, 2 things to avoid.

Of course, there is the Facebook Group that will provide other learnings .. I’m presently documenting the social media programme to publicise this and I’ve plans to review successful artists’ marketing systems. Early days for that but I have a whole community building plan for it so it’ll come right.

The following two programmes are an upgrade to the Freedom Club as and when you’re ready:

If you’re not already in it, there’s the affordable Commit coaching programme where we work together on Zoom. It may be that I can see things from the outside that you can’t see yourself, and also I’ve a head full of marketing possibilities and your head is full of art instead so .. we should make a good team.

There’s also the CWIC programme where I can see the stats of other artists’ websites and yours so I can see what you need to improve and I guide you to improve your website ongoing.

OK, that should keep you busy for a bit, I’m off for a lie down.

Stay safe, sell art


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