In my coaching and conversations I seem to keep coming back to these books, so I’ll maintain this list.

The Arts Dividend, Darren Henley
Provides reasons why investing in public art and culture is worthwhile

Blue Ocean Strategy, Kim/Mauborgne
The advantages of differentiating yourself from the crowd

Atomic Habits, James Clear
Goals are not it, the journey is it

Mindfulness, Williams/Penman
How to not hate washing the pots

Starving to Successful, Horejs
A gallery owner’s view with a good strategy for approaching new galleries

Art Money Success, Brophy
She’s an energetic, full time sales person so one wouldn’t expect to emulate her while also being an artist, but it might give you a feeling of hope and possibility

All of these are affiliate links so if you buy something I might make the smallest of kickbacks. Honestly, I’ve never actually once had a payment from Amazon, I use affiliate links just out of habit.