Alright, I’m going to do my best to sell you something, so strap in.

If you are prepared to commit with other artists to improve your marketing every week for six weeks, this is for you. (Alternatives include: the Freedom Club where you can go at your own pace or Commit which is just me and you.)

Commit Together is group coaching, maximum six artists gathering together on Zoom each week for six weeks with the general format that we’ll each get 15 minutes of one-to-one coaching while everyone else listens in and maybe contributes.

The first week we’ll do values, the next week we’ll work out some markets and approaches and the rest are free-for-alls so you can explore your own direction with my (and our) support.

Here’s what I’m aiming for you to get from it:

Finding a mutually convenient time for everyone is step one so we have a bit of a vote. Before that it’s like a fairground ride, I need to wait for six people, so there’s a waitlist.

The price? £69 total. I know, it’s a steal. Catch it while you can.

So if you’re ready, here’s where you get on the waitlist and .. we’ll go from there.

Commit Together Wait List

I’ll run Commit Together anytime we have enough people ..

Add me to your mailing list
(I generally send an email every Monday morning describing the best art marketing lessons from the previous week. It’s called the Monday Recommendation. Implement all 52 in a year and who knows what might happen. How’s that for free?)

Help me make sensible groups ..

Just click the nearest, I’m just trying to put similar people together so we learn best
Are you?
Where are you?

There will be homework. I know. But to talk about stuff we need to do stuff and share the results and it’s kinda the point.

Are you in?

Stay safe, sell art