I get it.

It’s like there’s 99 ways to do it wrong for every 1 way that works.

After 40 years on the marketing frontline and happiest when I’m learning, I know a thing or two about how to sell your art. Let me guide you.

I’ve had a revelation.

Why don’t I simplify, and give you all my training courses for £7/month and create a club and a community of improving artists? If you’re just like “yeah!” and ready to rock with that, go ahead and save yourself some reading: https://sellyourart.blog/product/sell-your-art-freedom/

What is values-based marketing?

In case you don’t know, my big thing is values-based marketing. Values are effortless for our brains to process and remember, and once you are clear on the values that drive you it inspires ideas for marketing, for your art, for the way you live your life. The more you push at that, the more you become someone people look up to and admire and support. People will buy your stuff because of shared values, just to support you and to remind them of what’s possible.

Not just any people. Your world will be full of people who love what you do. The tyrekickers, naysayers, pickers and lookie lous, they’ll mostly be elsewhere (hurrah!).

I live it. My two key values are integrity and vision. Vision comes naturally to me .. I’m always several steps ahead. I’m not into astrology but apparently Sagittarians are kite flyers .. always with the big ideas they are heading for. For example: I built a non-stress, equal men/women ethically balanced news system. I built a doorstep-up political campaign system. Thousands of artists have gone through my challenge weeks. I’m here for you, living your way.

I’m drawn to integrity. I route around people who have no integrity, or who are just out for themselves. If I’m aware I’m doing it, I always try to seek out and follow someone with integrity to balance things. I created a decision system that kryptonited the loud and strong and gave quiet people equal voice and used it to make charity donations.

And I work alone as you do, probably because it’s easier that way.

Even when I’m not working .. for the last twenty years I was the drummer in ska band Skandals, and to be honest it was easiest for me if I just ran everything. But I did that by consensus, and we stood for giving people a great night (not for ego, not for showing off, not for looking cool).

And when my partner got ME/CFS .. I considered it something that happened to us, not to her and we work on it together.

Values infuse everything we do.

A different way to sell your art

Unlike many “how to sell your art” systems, mine is not a cookie cutter solution. Unlike their do this/do that approach, what I want is for you to create your own unique way to sell your art using the principles of values based marketing.

It boils down to: define your values and live them. If they are true, your values should live in your art and in your marketing.

Where I think most artists need help is you don’t have a head full of marketing possibilities. You don’t know the options. That’s where I come in.

For example, if it turns out meticulousness is something that drives you (so I’m guessing you’re an ultra realist or perhaps a restorer of old masters) let’s sell to pilots or accountants.

(That, by the way, is called a blue ocean strategy where you sell in a clear blue ocean of possibility, rather than the red blooded sea of competition, say, an art show. Plus, pilots and accountants have money to spend.)

If you’re into transcendence then maybe you need holistic teachers or psychologists.

Every artist’s marketing strategy should be as different as your art, and driven by what’s important to you, your values.

That’s what I want for you .. that you have your own unique sales and marketing process that demonstrates your values.

That way you’ll feel entirely comfortable. Marketing will be like painting because it comes from the same place, and you’ll feel whole and centred and not out of place at all.

My disappointment is .. we haven’t got there yet.

That’s why I’m changing everything to create a new way to deliver this approach to you.

Let me help you get values-based marketing implemented to sell your art easily, and it’s just £7/mth.

That means you get to:

Plus coming soon:

The problem I see all the time is “I dun another painting” .. self centred communication that assumes the reader will do all the mental work. Guess what? If some other artist speaks to their need, you’re toast.

With values-based marketing in your bones you’ll:

In short, values-based marketing makes you attractive to buyers. You’ll feel success.

I can’t, obviously, promise any financial benefits from this programme, but it is the goal .. financial freedom, comfort and independence without having to act like a 70s car salesman. Done right, you’ll enjoy your marketing.

“I can’t tell you how much this (week) meant to me. I didn’t expect this but I went through a change, my whole mindset has changed and even though I have a lot of work to do I finally see a path in the jungle where I can start my journey. I am ready to face all kinds of ‘beasts’ on the way, tigers, snakes, giant spiders and so on… but I am ready to go in anyways, and I believe that I will find my way and find my happy place there I have some things outlined in my head, I see things more clearly and I think I know where I should focus my energy on. Thank you again John for all the inspiring tasks and videos and thank you all for being nice and accepting, wish all you all the success and joy that you are looking for”

No more confusion about my different offers, just one place to get the help you want when you want it.

Jump in, wave goodbye to hard-work sales, say hello to a clearer, more purposeful you.


If you’re ready to attract serious art buyers who love what you do, let me run through what you’ll get when you join:

The video training programmes: the Do It Machine, Gallery You and Write Like You Mean It (& stop pussyfooting around) are online courses, go at your own pace, video and text with support direct from me in the comments. Plus, you’ll see other people’s comments and my answers, so that’s part of it too.

The Do It Machine is the full step by step values-based marketing implementation programme that encourages you to think beyond your boundaries and create whole new ways to reach your audience where they are (and where you’ll likely be the only artist, so you’ll stand out and be meaningful).

How are your shows? Selling in ones and twos? With Gallery You, you get to understand how to market your exhibitions, how to sustain your messaging, be more impactful, without repetition or running out of things to say. Plus, if you have no shows booked, I have a solution for you.

Yes your art should sell itself but add some impactful words and you have a selling machine, so I’ll inspire you to write like you mean it so buyers approach your art in the right frame of mind. Headlines grab attention, and you need attention.

You’ll also get access to omnipresence training so you can attract galleries.

I’ll give you my e-book which outlines the whole thing, and my guide to the perfect artist website: 7 things to do and 2 things to stop doing.

Your buyers are financially comfortable, searching for meaning in a troubled world. Looking for guidance and leadership, more now than ever. You’re the beacon. They need you.

And I’ll confess, I know my marketing and I’m a lovely bloke (truly) who really wants to help but my connection hasn’t been as sweet as it could be. From my side, that’s what this is all about, simplifying my admin so I can build community and get to know you better. Because just like you and your buyers, the more I hear what’s in your way, the easier it is going to be for me to clear your path.

This is the start of you and me on a journey. You’re not buying cereals in the supermarket. You’re getting me on your team to help you en route to independence and freedom. You get access to all that I know and the latest from the world of marketing and what’s working now for other artists. We’ll walk this together.

Join me now and let’s get started https://sellyourart.blog/product/sell-your-art-freedom/

“Because of getting clarity of the values where I lived by naturally and intuitively I got more direction and I can be more me”

Me: “what did I do well?” Artist: “you got me motivated to get going”

“For the first time I understood my real values not the imaginary ones. And it gave me the understanding why it is important to be really yourself and show it, and how to do that.”

“Hi John, I’ve just checked my emails and I’ve got my first ever order from my website! A £200 print! I’ve been tweaking some of the SEO and posting on socials! As per your advice, I put my best sellers at the top! How fantastic is that? Had to tell someone!! Speak soon.”

Stay safe, sell art


PS. Oh, you’re still here and haven’t clicked the link yet? Here you go https://sellyourart.blog/product/sell-your-art-freedom/