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If you’re an artist with slow sales and next-to-no website traffic, here’s my solution.

We (you) are going to exhibit. Online. On your website or social media, that part doesn’t matter.

What matters is, we’re going to go through the whole marketing process to build interest, build your brand, write and send a press release, get people on board, the preview, the show and get you into retail galleries afterwards so your art has its best chance to sell.

It’s a process to sell your art, and once you know it, you can use it again and again.

And if you do have a real-life exhibition coming up, this is how you publicise it. If you don’t have enough of them to sustain you, add in some website-based ones using this method.

Learn at your own pace (but the dates on the diagram below denote when those modules will go ‘live’ so if you join and go quickly you might reach the coal face and have to wait, modules are going up weekly).