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Well done for joining me in these videos to learn how to build your own fanbase so that you can build a steady income from your art and live the artist life you want. I love your desire to grow and explore how to sell your art more efficiently, you’re doing a great job and I appreciate every day that you’re here, especially when you hit reply and educate me on your own needs or situation.

Did that feel good? Knowing that you are appreciated.

You can have a feeling of uplifting support every day from your growing fanbase.

Imagine if you implemented the training in the videos I just shared so you had new fans joining every day, they were introduced to the best of you automatically through a nurture sequence of emails, and you were able to communicate with them all with one click using whatever method is most comfortable to you .. text, video, audio, graphic.

So your previews are busy. 

You can sell your work easily, almost effortlessly.

What if you started every morning feeling strong and validated in your work, confident in your path and your future?

What will your life be like in a year’s time, in 10 years time, if you implement this?

Remember the idea that all you need is 1,000 fans who buy your work and support you. If you gained just one fan every day, you’ll be there in 3 or 4 years. If every fan was worth £50 to you, that’s a good and steady income. (I’m not, obviously, promising any financial results).

Worse, what’s the cost of not implementing this?

Let’s imagine you are selling £20k worth of paintings a year at the moment, and your mailing list is small and neglected.

If you carry on, in ten years time maybe you’ll have built that to £25k or £30k. That’s cool.

But imagine you can gain a fan every day, so let’s go with your list growing by 300 every year. And let’s say that 20% of those who join finally do buy a painting, perhaps in 6 months on average, and your most common price is £1,000.

Again this is pure pie in the sky and certainly not a prediction or a promise, but just to play with that .. 20% of 300 is 60, so that’s 60 sales. Average price £1,000 = £60,000 per year just from people newly joining your list and receiving your welcome emails.

That’s in addition to the benefits of having a growing list of ardent fans, so in 10 years time, even if you start with nothing now, you’d have 3,000 fans in your list.

So when you bring out a new collection, you can email them and point them to it and .. do you think you’ll sell something? Yeah, I think so.

What will that do for your confidence? For being able to provide for your family? What will be different about your regular day, might you, for instance, have more time and attention and focus to get into flow with your art now that you have an efficient sales process?

Might you .. crazy thought .. inspire your kids or your friends or make your parents proud?

In video one we talked about how to get comfortable with what you send to your list. Write casually, I’m not a big fan of newsletters, if the written word fazes you record video or audio.

In video two we talked about making a great first impression with an automated series of emails that really embeds what you do in the mind of your new fan. Almost like presenting your best side at interview. And the great thing is, especially if writing doesn’t come easily to you, you only have to write this sequence once and it’ll see you right, automatically, for years.

In video three we talked about the benefit people will get from signing up to your list .. closeness, basically, and first pick. That’s the reason they sign up. And we set out where that sits in the buying process .. people will move from social media to your list, and from there to buying your work.

Closeness. This isn’t ‘sales’. You’re not going to lose friends doing this. You’re going to write as if to a friend about what’s happening. You’d want friends to turn up to your preview and you might email them to let them know. That’s the style we’re aiming for.

So you can get all that set up by yourself, or .. let me help. What I’ve developed is a step by step, button-press by button-press guide to how to get this set up using MailChimp so you can do a little bit each day and after a few weeks you’ll be all set up to build your fanbase.

It includes something I’ve not covered in the videos so far .. how to automatically keep your list vibrant and clear out those who stop being interested. You will want to do that so that your emails stay out of people’s spam folder.

If you’re not confident with writing emails, I provide template texts you can edit and use.

I’ve been doing this a long time, my PR agency in the 90s was also a direct mail business, and this uses the same forever principles of human persuasion.

Registration to The Uplifting Fanbase training course is open now and will close at midnight Friday 1st October. 

The course will actually start on the 18th October, just so I get chance to get all my ducks in a row, the course can be a little different depending on how many people sign up.

The course will be delivered in modules, with one new module opening up each week on the Monday. Each lesson will be delivered by video, mostly showing on screen exactly what to do. I’ve asked, and that’s the most popular way to deliver this sort of training.

So, registration on this course is now open. When I close registration here, I plan to sell the course more widely, and it will be £197 to cover the cost of reaching out to those people.

But to you, since you’re on my mailing list and we are closely connected, the offer price until I close the doors next Friday, is just £97.

Everything I do is covered by my 30 day no quibble guarantee, so you can’t lose.

So let’s just review.

I’m offering to show you exactly how to set up this email system to help you sell your art and build a fanbase. Literally, I’ll show you which buttons to press, and what to write.

So here’s what to do now .. press the button to sign up, make your registration payment through Paypal, and remember your login for when the course begins. 

Then just hang around and I’ll write to you as each module opens up.

So let’s secure your future, get signed up, and we’ll start in a couple of weeks time.

Stay safe, sell art