The noise on the line is questions about the website.   Always.   “Shall I have a slideshow or a video?”   “How shall I organise my work?”   “What about SEO?”  

And I got to thinking, what if I could quieten that niggling voice so that artists feel less doubt about their website.   

What if I could create an affordable way for artists to de-noise. To quieten that doubtful voice. So you can create in clarity, with a full battery, totally in the zone and absolute confidence.  

What if you felt able to stop worrying about your website because you had absolute confidence you were doing the right thing, not because an expert (that’s me btw) told you a thing, but because we’re actually measuring real-life other artists’ successes and taking inspiration from each other.  

I decided to do something about it and play to my strengths.  

There are lots of things you can measure about a website and the marketing system that it should be at the centre of, but actually we can understand it best with just four measures.

  1. How many people visit your website?
  2. How many buy something (or do something you want)?
  3. What’s the average value of that purchase?
  4. How many buyers do you convert into collectors?

So let’s take website traffic. Maybe you have average traffic.   How do I know? Well ideally you’ll have Analytics installed and give me access, but if not we can either get you installed, or work it in other ways.  

There will be people with higher amounts of traffic.  

Analytics tells us where that comes from. Is it search engines? Social media (which ones)? Advertising?   

I can drill down into that and find out what’s working across all the best performing artists.  

How should I organise that as a service for you?  

We could all sit in a Facebook Group and someone could share their win and so on. But what I’ve created is more efficient, and we want to quieten the voices of doubt, remember, not start worrying about all the things you haven’t done and could do.  

So here’s the system I’ve created to give you absolute clarity on your website, to contain your website improvement efforts so you know that there’s one thing to change and it’s absolutely the one most important thing.  

And with that clarity, you know it’s handled, you can sail off into a day of art.  

I call it the Continual Website Improvement Club (CWIC) (#proudface).  

Here’s what you get.  

The key is my access to everyone’s stats within CWIC so I can compare yours to theirs, keep everyone’s privacy, but guide you forward based on what’s really working for artists today.  

And the major benefit is that you are confident I have identified the most impactful change, we agree it, and then you make the change on your website.  

Because you are confident, the voices of doubt subside. And because you are confident, you can just do that one thing, and then do nothing until the next conversation.  

By the way, if your issue is website traffic, then the thing we choose might be a traffic generation thing, for instance getting in the press or improving your Facebook posts or building and managing your mailing list .. so it’s a wide view of your website as part of a marketing system.  

It’s an annual subscription to join.  

It’s £97 a year until I realise I’m putting in way more support for people than I’m charging for (it’s a fault of mine)!  

Did you see my video where I talked through a graph and accidentally drew something rude?  

Doesn’t matter, just to say I’ll be building that statistical analysis in software for you and for everyone who joins so I can see exactly where you sit compared to everyone else.  

No-one else does this.  

It’ll be one secret to your success.  

Click to join, it’s Paypal, I’m sure you know Paypal lets you pay with your card.

Stay safe, sell art


PS. if you fancy doing more than one every six months, let me know. I’m game for that, imagine how much better your website could be selling if we did it monthly. We can definitely do that if you like, just message me and we’ll set that up. But my feeling is most people would be comfortable at a couple of calls and website improvements a year.  

PPS. In case that button link doesn’t work, here’s the link to join