Run value-driven social media marketing instead, here’s how and why

The problem with posting your artwork is .. it feeds the idea that there is plenty of art. So it doesn’t matter if the buyer waits a while, there will always be another painting to buy.

There’s risk in buying now, because tomorrow’s painting might be better.

And scarcity is motivating. A glut is demotivating.

So I suggest you don’t post every one of your paintings. Assuming you’re going to do a show or your paintings are part of a body of work you’ve organised on your website, just post maybe 1 in 5 of your paintings on social media.

But if we accept that posting regularly on social media is a good thing (depends on your attitude to it and how much it takes away from you .. the Artist SEO Mastermind group is here to help you develop a marketing process that matches your art so it still feels like you’re arting) then .. what will you post about?

Your values. What makes you tick.

People connect with others on shared values. So this is how you get a motivated following.


Well, I developed some software to help you identify your core values, I show you how to use that and then how to turn those into social media posts.

It’s all in the artist SEO Mastermind group, and you can get in for free for the first 4 weeks. Join us here: