There’s a lot to be worried about at the moment and the onslaught of stressful news appears to be the new normal.

In order to create art, you need to shore up your mental defences.

So that’s the topic of this week at the artist SEO Mastermind group.

You know I’ve been doing this a long time and one of the things social media professionals worry about is their mental health. It’s their job to come up with persuasive messages but also to react to comments and they’re always one bip away from a full scale crisis. And as a professional, they’re probably managing multiple accounts which might have very different ‘voices’ and brand values. It’s all very stressful and it takes its toll on their mental health.

So it’s worth listening to their best techniques for staying sane in this crazy world.

And it’s worth noting that this is being engineered. Newspapers need us to be worried so we buy their newspaper so we know what to do. Governments need enemies so we feel kinship and want to be protected.

That’s not what we want, as artists, so don’t let them camp out in your head.

I’ll give you one example, the rest is in the artist SEO Mastermind group, and you can get in for free for the first 4 weeks. Join us here:

I’ve collected the 7 best techniques, and at random, technique 4 is to unshackle yourself from the imperative to post to social media every day. That’s another stress .. and all it is is that the social media platforms need our content or they’d have nothing to display.

So I just say .. it’s OK to not post every day to social media. Maybe you don’t feel like it today. Maybe you’re struggling to know what to post. Maybe you’re on holiday. My take is .. there’s a time in your cycle (perhaps when you’re coming up to an exhibition) when you do need to hammer social media. And there are times when you don’t (the rest days after, for instance).

Let social media fit in with your schedule.

The full seven head-saving tips are free in

See you in there.