What if you’re an artist and you don’t know anything about marketing? You don’t know how to sell your art.

The beauty of my approach is, you don’t have to learn a system or follow a set of rules. You just have to be more you.

People like people who are like themselves. We assess people at a glance by their values.

For example, if you like fun and there’s someone else who likes fun, you can probably get along.

Values-based marketing starts by getting really clear what it is that drives you.

Then I’ll help you ensure your marketing clearly signals that. You might feel the clarity about your values gives you permission to be more you. I love it when that happens.

By living more clearly for your values, you can attract other people who feel the same way.

You both want the same world. They will support you in your artistic endeavours because you’re helping them have the future they want. You also have vision and realization skills that they probably don’t have.

You also have the freedom to live your life in a purer way than most people, so you’re an inspiration.

That’s values based marketing.

Now, we can engineer all parts of that. We can optimise to make it more likely that you put your art in front of serious buyers. We can make sure your values are clear to them and to you. That way you attract the right sort of people and your chances of success are higher.

At root, values based marketing it’s very simple. But like many things that appear simple, there’s a lot to it. You can always improve your marketing, make it more efficient and make it more effective. I take you through the whole process.

Stay safe, sell art