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Everything you need to gain the recognition for your art that you deserve.

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I hope you enjoyed and got something out of the last few videos (1, 2, 3), I’ve tried to give you the highest leverage things you can do for free to reach people with your art, make a difference and feel validated, wanted and understood as an artist.

We’ve looked at how you solve your prospect’s problem in a consistent way and how to be flexible for people on different budgets. That raises your value so that more people feel a stronger connection to what you do, and you get more nice-surprise emails.

Let me show you something else.

There’s really just three parts to sort out before you can relax that your marketing is working and you feel supported by a loyal fanbase.

Here’s you. There must be something about your art practice & marketing that you’re unhappy about or you wouldn’t be here. You’re wondering if I’ve got the answer.

Maybe you feel like selling your art is hard work and you don’t know why. You might have decided that you’re not actually, a great salesperson. Maybe you don’t enjoy that side of things.

Even if you’re comfortable with selling your work one-to-one, maybe it’s not enough and you don’t know how to reach more people. What’s it going to take to get people to really want your art without compromising what you want to do? Could be this, could be that, might take forever to work it out. Time is ticking.

So you probably saw that I asked my artist fanbase to help me clarify what it is you actually want, so here’s the golden happy place, here’s what I see for you:

  • You feel validated by a stream of serious buyers
  • You are supported/accepted by your peers and those ahead of you, you are accepted into art societies
  • You get press coverage
  • Galleries want you
  • You feel you have status
  • You are listened to
  • Your art business is profitable
  • You can feel a buzz from your fans
  • You sell out your shows
  • You can paint without feeling that you should be doing something else
  • You can get into flow
  • You paint in the mornings because it’s the most important thing
  • Your marketing comes easy 

What’s stopping you?

It’s worth pausing because if you’re feeling resistance, just have a think about what that is. If you don’t want those things, then fine perhaps this isn’t for you.

Sometimes we get sabotage feelings like “it’s not for me, I don’t deserve that”. 

The point is to recognise how you’re feeling about the future for you that I just described and understand the difference between not wanting those things which is obviously fine, if you don’t want that that’s cool, versus realising that we’ve flushed out for a moment the lurking resistance that has been holding you back all along. We all have these resistances, even the most successful people work on this stuff all the time. The point is .. this moment is when you decide to change or not. We just caught a glimpse of one of the things that’s holding you back and you can carry on as you are, or you can decide to stand up, step forward and grab this opportunity (which is only going to be here for a few days).

So let me show you the gruelling, terrifying journey (I’m joking obviously) .. it’s just three things that take you from where you are to the golden happy place where you feel wanted, heard and validated and you sell your art through your website without having to pay commission.

First. You need more traffic to your website. You can do that with search marketing, pay per click ads through facebook or whatever, social media, PR, there are plenty of options but that’s step one.

Second: better conversion so more website visitors do what you want them to do (buy your art, perhaps). Here we are building your mailing list, improving your website, analytics, website benchmarking.

Third: you are worth more, you mean more to people (so you get more income). (You did most of this work at step one .. how else are you going to get more traffic apart from by being more relevant and desirable to people? But also your price, upsells and downsells, repeat buyers and advocates.)

I’m saying these are the necessary 3 steps, remember that.

Let’s imagine you currently sell £6,000 of art off your website per year.

Now, I’m not making any promises at all, but I do want to impress on you that thiese three steps don’t add, they multiply, it’s compound.

If you double your website traffic without making any other changes, you might expect to end up with £12,000 per year.

If you also double your conversions, that’s £24,000 per year.

And if you double your value, that’s £48,000 per year.

Like I say, that’s in no way a promise or even an expectation. I just wanted to show the power of compounding.

So I mentioned before that I’m setting up my training so it all makes sense together. It’s like a university course, starting in January. And your opportunity today is to sign up for the whole thing and get a fully managed, supported, makes sense journey through all of this and make a significant saving on investing in each part separately.

Plus, I’ll grade the course so we’ll start with quick wins and move on to the more powerful changes as we move through the year.

I mentioned necessary steps to selling your art online, so I’m calling this programme The Necessary.

That’s the point. If you do one course, it makes a difference. It may or may not change your life. But if you get all of this working together, there’s a compound chance that you’ll make that leap forward with your art business, and from that higher place you’ll be able to see still higher places to go .. the skills you’ll learn will stay with you as you continue to enjoy new discoveries and things to explore.

When I went to university the first time around straight from school, I was like .. well, this is easy. Plenty of free time. Life is sweet.

At the start of the third term it turned out, I should have been in maths class. When I turned up for the first time, the lecturer didn’t really speak english, he spoke maths .. just wrote maths on the board. I had to catch up from a friend’s notes.

I did pass my first year, but never really recovered from the feeling that I hadn’t been cared for, no-one had spotted I wasn’t there, and if you’ve ever been to Leeds University in the seventies, the architecture is pretty brutal so it all just added up for me and I dropped out.

In 2000 the itch wasn’t scratched and I went back to uni, this time in Scarborough, and had the most amazing time. And anyone who wasn’t attending was helped along. That’s what I want for you on this course, I’ll be here to help you through any difficulties.

Depending on how many of us there are, I may open up a Facebook Group and/or do live Q&A. If there are just a few of us maybe we’ll Zoom individually.

So let me summarise what you’ll learn:

  • make your art compelling to buyers using evergreen psychological principles without being salesy
  • How to attract serious buyers online
  • Build an energised fanbase so they support and encourage you
  • Find your worth in society and build on that so you can raise your prices
  • Sell your art automatically with Pay Per Click ads, and how to optimise that
  • Polish up your website so it effectively converts visitors into buyers
  • Adapt to people’s income so everyone benefits, and those who have money can help you a lot
  • Escape the social media hamster wheel, do social media right
  • Understand the key things to measure so you can see what works for you and ultimately simplify your marketing so you just do what works, and spend the rest of your day on art
  • Make the most of your buyers by turning them into loyal collectors and advocates
  • How to reach new buyers using free PR
  • How to check if your website is doing well compared to other artists (and what to do about what you find)

As well as the learning videos, we’ll have some sort of live support, how that works will depend on how many sign up.

We will start with quick wins but again it’s cumulative, the techniques you learn here will help you make gains year on year way into the future. In the from-to diagram I drew earlier, that beautiful endgame where it feels like you’re not even sure how you’re doing it, it must be your raw artistic talent, ingenuity and magnetic personality that’s attracting all of these people who love what you do, who ‘get it’ and want your artwork, the galleries want you, the societies recognise your status, the electric atmosphere at your show opening. You won’t be able to point to any one thing we did here as the cause. It’ll feel like you finally have the well deserved recognition for all your hard work and talent. Marketing is subtle but powerful and rarely gets the praise for what it helps you achieve because what you learn and turn into a habit will seem like you always did it that way. It’ll feel natural.

You’re here because you recognise your need for this.

So let me get to it..

To register for The Necessary and learn what you need to know to sell your art through your own website .. remember, you’re not paying a gallery 40% on these sales .. the full value of the extra sales through your website are yours to keep plus you can build a collector relationship with your new buyer .. 

.. registration is open now (scroll up) for this one-time offer which .. you only need to sell an extra painting or two to cover the investment .. 

If you have bought a course from me in the last year, thank-you, check your email. I’ll send you a special offer price that acknowledges and rewards you for that.

Now, I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I have an upsell too.

The course and support is one thing, but once you sign up I’ll talk about how I can help you more, perhaps by writing your copy or changing your website or setting up your mailing list and so on. It’s not cheap, but it is still massively discounted on what marketing services usually cost, and it does mean I can do the things you get stuck on so all of this will definitely get done. Plus, it will give you more time to make artwork you can sell so it probably pays for itself. I would be your marketing partner, working through the programme together. I will literally write your copy for you if that’s what you need. 

So if that sways you, scroll back up and sign up for The Necessary, and check out what I send you afterwards.

Like I say, this is a limited offer price and I’ll close registration in a few days time so don’t miss out.

Stay safe, sell art.

PS. I’ve been asked if a monthly payment plan is available, so I’ve created one, it works out at £167/mth, here’s the link:

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