TLDR; Learn what to say in social media posts, emails & in person to confidently:

  • sell your art,
  • find new serious buyers and
  • gain clarity & freedom.

It’s different for everyone, unique to you. My own last post got 2.7x engagement than before. The one before 11.1x more. Imagine!

It’s an online, go at your own pace video course with me helping you through. It works nicely with cohorts, so I open the doors once a month. Scroll to see a countdown timer & sign up to the wait list, no obligation.

It’s not pennies, it’s £297 or six times £49.50 but .. how much are your paintings? Sell one more painting than usual and this course will be paid for. This is not a tactic, this will change how you feel about selling your art, forever.

This course is about on-brand messaging, what to say so that people buy your art.

If I say ‘messaging’ I don’t mean What’sApp or texting. I mean, let’s communicate true things that your buyers will turn on to. You’re unique, so this programme is how you find out what works for you, then you can write persuasive and motivating social media, exhibition summaries, grant applications, web pages and so on.

I’ve seen a 7.5x improvement in engagement & responses. (I guarantee the course, but of course I can’t guarantee your results and that example, while true, may be exceptional.)

When you have clarity about what drives and interests you, your confidence comes from within.

Owning your space makes your art more attractive to serious buyers & gives you the confidence to reach out.

Knowing what to do to sell your art gives you freedom both artistically and in life.

That’s the Transform programme for visual artists. We start with you, we test the market to see what people want and we find a space where you both meet, where what you do has impact. Then we roll out in a way that feels good to you.

It’s hard to sell things, there are many ways to do it wrong against few ways to do it right and everyone’s got an easy button. Except me. This is no easy button. This is real, you have to build the house before you can live in it and everyone’s house is different, so this is no cookie-cutter solution. I’ll help you discover your way to sell your art so your feel-good life is yours.

You can try it and if you think I’m talking nonsense there’s a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee. I’m not big on testimonials but here’s one I didn’t ask for “John Allsopp has a grasp of something good here and it feels more attainable & achievable without getting overwhelm… Thanks for putting your thoughts down and sharing 💗

Here’s another thing I’m not big on .. making Zuckerberg richer. I’m here for the people, for humanity, for art. That’s what drives me. So let’s do this.

(Before we get too excited, I can’t guarantee you any level of income. I’ll help, but you’re doing the work under my direction. I can guarantee I’ll be here for you barring accident/illness (there’s only me here), but marketing success depends on what people want and I’m not in control of that.)

What's in Transform?

  • My unique values exercise to help you work out what drives you
  • Encouragement to set up your ‘shop’ (whatever form that takes for the stage you are at)
  • A new way to find serious buyers
  • Discover what to say to motivate your unique buyers
  • What We Think is only half of it, next we test.
  • Some of the things you say will stand out, we go deeper with them.
  • With these proven messages  let’s build you a marketing system. We want something that’s easy to maintain and improve and is sufficient for your needs (& dreams).
  • This is not necessary but maybe ads will work for you, less work, more time in the studio and a steady income. If you’ve a little budget, let’s explore that.

How is it delivered?

Transform is delivered by video+transcript organised into five stages each containing lesson modules. You have to complete the modules in sequence but you can go at your own pace.

1-1 support from me is provided in the comments, but also there are Ask-Me-Anything moments and live video where I answer.

To promote a feeling of togetherness I run the course in cohorts with registration opening up on the third Friday of each month. The full course is £297 if you prefer to pay for it in one go or you can split it and pay £49.50 per month for six months.

Don’t pay now though, just add yourself to the wait list and I’ll be in touch when registration opens.

Registration closes in ..

Registration is now open ..

Who is it for?

In marketing we sometimes create an avatar, an imaginary ideal buyer to write. If you are like my avatar, what I say should resonate with you. If you are a little different, it should still. It should repel people who are nothing like this person. Here’s my avatar, see how close it is to you.

I’m writing to Lisa, a 50 year old woman living in a village outside Scarborough UK.

She was a purchasing manager, but retired into her second life as an artist. It’s not that art sales are financially essential, it’s more .. she’s absolutely capable and this is like a puzzle to solve.

She also gets a buzz from validation, being respected and making a difference when someone buys a painting. Being heard is nice. Sellout shows are nice. A mailing list of fans is lovely.

When the art is selling she goes into her studio guilt-free. She aims for uninterrupted flow-state mornings in the studio, and afternoons for walking the dog and bits of admin. (End of avatar description.)

Transform works for you if you are a successful artist and also if you are just starting out. But that ^^ (with the gentleman variant) is most of my people.

Transform 3.0 wait list

This powerful programme helps you find new buyers, discover what triggers them to buy, and organise that into your own unique way to sell your art.


Yeah but John, who are you?

(Yes I am playing with interesting layouts, what of it?)

I was born in the UK midlands, live in Scarborough, moving to Scotland (higher than Inverness). Partner has ME/CFS. There’s only me here so everything’s 1-1.

John Allsopp asking "What IS your problem?"

What am I good at?

I think I’m a writer. I write to someone’s heart. I imagined my ‘avatar’ into existence and I aim to hit home. I know artists. I know the things that hold you back & I’m not messing around. I love you, and I want you to be a free and successful independent artist. I do nothing but work for that all day.

I’ve always been an ethical marketer.

The principle is: we seek out problems, and organise ourselves to solve them sustainably.

There’s a whole chapter on bad marketing in the main textbook. That’s not me.

Artist Marketer

Well over 1,000 artists have been through my programmes.

After Brexit it seemed to me journalism has fallen*, and art is our last defence against rising fascism and unrestrained tech. I dedicated myself to a world with feeling and compassion. You can help me with that by learning how to sell your work. Let’s remind people what it is to be human.

*obv respect to the strong independent journalists still holding out

What have I achieved?

Streuth I haven’t done an interview since the 80s. I ran my own PR company for twenty years. I got a first in Internet Computing. Managed and played drums in a ska band for (a different) twenty years. Campaigned for Corbyn. I’m don’t care about big Corporations or famous people so I’ve no names to drop. Been with my partner since 1984. Haven’t killed too many houseplants.

I want every artist to enjoy being discovered by buyers who connect deeply through shared values, so art sales & marketing feels comfortable & respectful to all. Ideally you’ll gain a mostly automated system unique and perfectly suited to you that frees you to have more confident, relaxed and productive studio time.

If you've tried all ways to sell your art and nothing's worked you need natural, confident and persuasive on-brand messaging, and you need to start now.

It’s like compound interest, better to start early.

Something has to change, that’s why you’re here.

Continue on the down escalator for another month, or change direction with me & us in the next cohort.

Nothing works unless you have your messaging right.

Confident you, new opportunities

Transform: What do I get?

You get a superpower .. what to say to sell your art

Section 1: Let's Get Started

  • Discover what drives you, become an inspiration
  • Get ready to sell .. set up shop
  • Clarify your buyer (new, non-boring/surprising method)
  • Find out why your buyer buys and mix-in the power of art

By the end of this section you’ll be clear about yourself, your purpose, and who cares.

Section 2: Discover your demand triggers

  • Test different marketing communications, see the power of 5x, even 7x better response (no guarantees of that)
  • The numbers don’t lie, your people respond best to this, this and this
  • Plan for 4 weeks on this
  • Grab your winners and let’s go

You’ll communicate in buyers’ terms and be able to apply what you’ve proved to be persuasive in all your social media, videos, emails .. you’ll have a better chance of sales.

Section 3: Build potent messaging

  • Expand on what you’ve discovered: create persuasive articles, videos, reels
  • Save time and effort on marketing that doesn’t work
  • You know you, you know your buyer, and you know what to say .. let’s do this

You’ll understand the power of evergreen content, but also we’re still testing to find that one thing to say above all others. You’ll know that, when this stage is done.

Section 4: Let's roll

  • Build your single best persuasive system
  • Sell your art while you’re in the studio
  • Inspire new buyers
  • Turn it up

By now you know what to say, you just need to say it, big time. Doubt was holding you back .. no longer.

Bonus Section 5: build an ad system to discover and bring in buyers while you’re enjoying flow in your studio

I don’t want to overpromise here, but it is possible to run social media ads to deliver your on-brand messages, make a profit and your sales system becomes pretty much automated. I certainly wouldn’t want to run ads without all the previous sections.

How is this delivered?

What-to and how-to video for every module, with full transcript if you prefer.

Lifetime* support from me in the comments

Two live-video Ask-Me-Anything  videos to answer your specific questions.

Enjoy your journey of discovery along with other artists.

* I never understood ‘lifetime guarantee’ but for me, I was born in 1961, I’ve no intention to retire, I love what I do. I’m eternally curious, always learning new marketing methods (that are really based on eternal truths). My parents lived almost to their nineties, but it basically means I’m here until I’m not, then some soulless bureaucrat will switch off the server. I’ve no successors and there’s only me working here (my partner’s here but she’ll be no help to you). Until then, you have lifetime access.

“In section 2, my best message got a 5.25% response, my worst .92% (I thought that would be a good one). The first message was 5.7x more effective than the second .. this is not small stuff.”

I work with a monthly cohort, so don’t miss the upcoming intake, you’ll have to wait another month of low sales.

Bonus: What if I could run exhibitions on my website?

No commission to pay!

For this month’s intake, I’ll give you lifetime access to my Gallery You training which shows you how to publicise your exhibitions and get into retail galleries.

Best part is .. you CAN exhibit on your website, whenever you like.

Erase doubt, point the fire extinguisher at overwhelm, get clear about yourself, prove your comms and let's sell some art, get confident and get to the sweet-&-easy-life bit!

What happens when you join the waitlist?

Not a lot until it’s time to register .. I may email you a welcome. Obviously you pay nothing at this point and you’re under no obligation to join when the time comes.

Transform runs monthly, registration opens on the third Friday of every month and I’ll let you know and badger you to join until the doors close on the Monday. You join by paying (investing in yourself 🙂 ).

Once you’re in the course will open up to you on the Monday. You can run through it at your own pace, I’m here in support in the comments and with some ‘live’ videos where I answer your questions.

I say at your own pace, but you can’t whizz through this in a weekend because we’re testing things to say, so we have to wait for responses from the market you’ve chosen. It’s going to take eight weeks at least. But it’s so worth it.

Why all five steps matter

1 We start by clarifying what drives and interests you, what makes you different and where can we find others who feel the same way and will support your journey (hopefully sometimes by buying your stuff)?

Getting clear sets you free, gives you permission to be you, it feels great and it’s motivating.

2 Then we explore some reasons why other people might like what you do, and we test them (usually by posting something simple on social media). Is it the flow that excites people, or the creativity, or does it inspire them? We don’t know until we test & measure the responses.

You’ve likely been saying all sorts and talking about yourself and your art. This is completely different. No miracles yet, but you can see it coming.

3 Some reasons to buy worked better than others in the previous sections. We take the best performers and expand on them. You’re likely writing or making video at this point but possibly creating a whole exhibition around a winning theme.

You’re getting into flow with this and gaining confidence in what you’re saying because you’ve proved it. Might even get a sale.

4 The previous section was a test too, so now you’re absolutely clear what motivates your people. Your most persuasive things to say need to get embedded in all your communications. At this stage, I suggest a great way to regularise your sales.

Now we’re starting to rock and you should start to see the difference in sales, engagement, social media growth and interest.

5 Now you know what to say to sell your art, I suggest a way to use pay-per-click ads to make this really happen so your marketing is more automated and you get more relaxed and confident time in the studio.

Put aside a little of your new income to invest in your own growth and bring dream future-you closer.

If you’re familiar with compound interest, this is the same. Success grows upon success. Start now because every delay means more time working for less than you’re worth.

You’re not just signing up to learn some new stuff, this is not a ‘technique’, it’s not “you’ve got to do Reels every day and do it exactly like this”.

This changes everything. It’s a real journey of discovery and I don’t know the outcome .. it’s your journey .. individual to you and your buyers. I’m your guide and I’ll walk you through if you glitch. You can do this, future you is watching.

Don’t wait for slow art sales to pick up on their own.

It’s not the art, it’s how you present it.

This course helps you discover how to sell your art in a beautiful, ethical way.

Step up, let’s begin.

Transform 3.0 wait list

This powerful programme helps you find new buyers, discover what triggers them to buy, and organise that into your own unique way to sell your art.