Some of your social media is good, some not so much.

What if you could improve that? A lot.

I’ve built a really neat way for you to measure and improve your social media results and I’d love to show you.

What’s really beautiful about it is .. it’s you.

I’m not saying video works. Or carousels. Or TikTok.

I want to show you how to discover what sells your art.

You have a unique combination: you, your art, and your buyer.

It’s for you to uncover what works for you so you’re confident you’re doing social media right. Of course no-one can beat you at being you.

I’ll show you how.

Plus, it’s early days but I’ve started a community of Pivot to Art Freedom users so we can share what we’re learning.

Simple things like .. when I added captions to my videos I got more than double results.

The results were 2.21 times better, to be precise.

It’s a beautiful thing and despite the pocket money price I’ve found the results are not small. Double. Times them by 1.5. Double them again, and it’s not long before you’re in completely new territory.

Easier art sales, less effort, more confident time in the studio.

I’ll show you how in just a few short videos. Pivot to Art Freedom is a method. You can use free software you’re probably already using to explode your art sales and get playful with your marketing.

If you’re ready ..

Going viral isn’t by chance, it’s engineered. This is how.

PS. I appear to have messed up the buying page for some people. If you get a white screen (I’m working on it) try a different browser or device or email me at I’ll delete this PS when I’ve sorted it.

PPS. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee on the course so you risk nothing. I can’t guarantee your results of course, but if you want your money back for whatever reason within 30 days, just ask.

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