(Almost .. there’s one more very important thing to do, read on)


Well that’s just awesome, you’re in (well, almost, see later), welcome to the August/September 2020 artists SEO challenge.

No time to read this now? Just press here to join the Facebook group, that’s the main thing.

We made real progress the last time I ran this, so I’m really looking forward to going through this challenge week with you.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

I’ll close registration doors at midnight on Friday 28 August, so if you have any friends you’d like to do this with .. let them know before then (send them to the registration page).

The challenge will start on Monday 31 August and go through to Friday 4th September.

Every day, I’ll post what we are doing at 6am UK time. By lunchtime I’ll be asking you how you got on. Then I’ll go live at 5pm to answer your questions.

Where? Mainly, it’s on Facebook, but don’t worry if you’re not there.

So .. I’ve created the Facebook Group, and that’s where most activity and support will happen. The daily task, the questions, and ‘live’, will all happen in there. It’s a closed group just for us, and it will disappear at the end.

I will also alert you to the Challenge posts using Facebook Messenger. If you would really prefer not to Facebook, you can do it all in email, you’ll just miss out on the camaraderie.

If the timezones don’t match up for you, you can watch the ‘live’ videos later.

The important thing is to interact. If you get stuck or have questions, that’s what I need to hear about. This is all about moving to a better place, and I need to know what your roadblocks are so I can help.

So keep an eye out for emails as we get nearer, but most importantly request to join the Facebook Group. I won’t let you in to the group until the Friday when we can finally all start to meet each other, but if you don’t do it now you might forget and then you’ll wonder why you’re not seeing stuff.

Exciting, tho, no?

Chat soon.