I think many artists have given up on their website. Updating it is a chore, and it doesn’t feel like it brings in any sales.

They are wrong. It’s just, they don’t know how to make a great website.

Is it fair to generalise and say that the ideal artist life is where you are free to develop your practice, and when you want to do something that costs money, you look at your bank account and there’s money there? So you can just do your thing and there’s money to do it. That seems like freedom to me.

Don’t worry, I understand that buyers can be a pain in the arse. That’s OK, we can handle that.

So I ran a project where artists collaborated and we reviewed each other’s websites. They helped me figure out a load of ‘best practice’ guidelines, I added in my own expertise (I’ve been a web developer & digital marketer for a couple of decades now), and the result is I’ve developed a set of rules for what makes an artist’s website really rock.

Artists’ website dos and don’ts

This is now an opportunity for you.

I’m looking to prove this works, and I’m willing to put the work in.

I do pretty much everything through my mailing list. It’s nothing sinister, you’re not signing your life away, it’s just that doing it this way lets me tailor what I do cost-effectively to what you need.

So basically, the way you respond to a few emails lets me tailor things so you get the help that you actually want. And because I’m helping more than one artist at a time, it’s completely affordable.

For instance, maybe rule number one is “have a slideshow on your website”. I know how to do this. I can set it up on your website. If you’re happy to populate it, I can do it in about half an hour, send you some how-to-populate instructions and so on. I’m aiming for £50/hr, so £25 to you. And you end up with a website that sells much better than it did. So the next time you make a sale, you’ve made back your money.

Thing is, all of this is compound, which means it multiplies by itself. So if we say, OK .. time for another improvement, what’s next John? Maybe it’s “sort out your ‘about’ page, here’s how”. Well, you can do that, given the new ‘rules’. So that’s free, you just need the guidance.

But now, you’ve got a slideshow and an attractive ‘about’ page and in combination, that’s a big improvement. And it shows in the interest you’re getting and yes, in your sales.

Now, you may decide that rather than iterate through your current website, it’s time to chuck it and build a whole new one that satisfies all of the ideal website criteria. Or maybe you’re just starting out and want to start on the right foot.

If so .. the current situation is I’m looking for case studies so I’ve a ridiculous offer for you.

Basically I don’t want to overwhelm you. This is all at your pace. But it only works if you join my list. That’s where I can customise things for you.

Just in case you need bribing, if you sign up, I’ll send you the seven key things to do, and the two important things not to do, to make a successful artists website. If you’re able, you can just take that report, do all the things and enjoy a happier life. No worries. You’re welcome 🙂 Get it here: