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(How to get into galleries when they receive 100s of emails a day from artists & their portfolios)

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I know we’ve been through a rough patch, but the vast majority of artists (about 85% when I ran a poll among my following of over 6,000 artists) still want galleries to be one of their ways to sell their art.

And although I stand for you, the independent artist, and I want you to be able to make a good living selling direct off your website, I agree that galleries are part of the answer.

That’s because the main asset of a gallery is their relationship to serious buyers and collectors. They know what their people want.

When you work with a gallery, some of those serious buyers will come across to your mailing list and become direct contacts for you.

And actually, we can engineer some of that whether a gallery signs you up or not.

So when artists say to me “I want to reach serious buyers” .. this is one way. The issue is, of course .. how?

I’ve been a marketer for 40 years and nowadays I’m pretty much exclusively an artist marketer but I also have a first class degree in Internet Computing, so I can write software to help, and that’s what I’ve done.

I know that one point of resistance is that galleries can be controlling. Essentially, they would like you to make saleable work and the concern is that can tighten and become repetitive.

I think that’s about having options. Step one of my process is to discover the galleries you would love to be in, and ultimately we’ll be able to get feedback from other artists about these sorts of concerns. But basically if you’ve got a choice of offers, you can choose what feels great to you.

And sometimes it’s good to have a steady income doing more or less what you love and that gives you the security to explore other things, and if your current gallery doesn’t bite at that, you can find another gallery that will.

Now, what I’ve got for you is an unusual offer, and it is time sensitive in the sense that early adopters will benefit the most.

So if you’re an artist who wants to sell more through galleries, here’s what I’ve got for you right now.

I built my own software to follow the network of connections online between artists and galleries and gallery fans. So instead of just Googling for suitable galleries, we can follow the attention of people who like what you do to find new galleries you may not have considered.

I’ll work with you (we’ll book some Zoom sessions) to explore that.

I have a method for getting discovered by galleries (but hey, it works for getting discovered by buyers also). I’ll teach you that.

When a gallery ‘discovers’ you and goes to look at your website, I can help you be more compelling. I’ll teach you that too.

All of the techniques and changes will help you sell online, directly, as well so it’s all good news.

I can’t promise a gallery will call. That’s up to them. But I can show you how to get on their radar, and regardless, you’ll be more engaging online if you make these changes and that is likely to raise your sales (again, I can only promise to deliver my training and services).

The possibility, though, is to help you get a higher income so you are more stable and sustainable in your art practice. And if you’re doing less that social media hamster wheel stuff, you’ll have a clear brain to explore your art wherever it takes you.

The networking tool I developed, and the approach that I want to teach you, are certainly unique, that’s easy to say, but .. you know the idea that if you were to get in a lift with, I don’t know, Jeff Koons or Vivienne Westwood and you ask them what’s the secret to their success and they’ve got like 10 seconds so the best they can give you is their top, most important thing they think got them where they are.

OK, I’m no Vivienne Westwood, but this is all my best strategies, methods and software to help, all lined up to get you where you want to be.

Specifically, for efficiency, I’ll send you a set of questions to start and we’ll book two Zoom sessions of around 30 minutes to talk through the galleries my software is flagging up for you. That’s fun.

I’ll give you access to my training on how to get discovered by galleries, how to make yourself compelling to galleries and buyers, and how to find serious buyers through this same method, whether galleries call you or not.

I welcome questions as you develop your skills .. anything that comes up I take onboard as something I can improve about my course so you’re helping me by raising any issues.

Here’s something else that’s different about this.

I have high dreams for this, there’s much more software to develop to make it a super powerful system. As I take the membership income and put it into software and service building, the service I can provide will grow and grow.

But I want to reward you, the artist who is here at the start.

So I’m providing this as a membership ‘club’ with a price that will rise according to the number of people who join, because the more people in, the better the service and software. Literally the first person to join will get it for pocket money, but the service I have in mind when it’s fully developed will be worth a membership fee in the thousands. If I can connect you to a gallery and you sell for say £4,000, you get £2,000 of that, and that’s happening regularly .. if my membership fee reaches £1,000 I don’t think that artist would see it as unreasonable. But it’s OK, relax, we’re not there yet.

The other thing about joining now is you lock your membership fee forever. So if you are super fast and get to join at whatever, £100 for the year or less, then as I build out the software and service, you’ll get access to the building and developing service, but at the original price, for as long as you like.

So let’s just review things. I’m building a system to help you discover great galleries that will support what you do and make you feel great, I’m going to show you how to target those galleries without actually targeting them. I’ll help you work out how to be more compelling online (which will help with your general online sales anyway). And we’ll use the same system to find serious art buyers.

I’ll deliver it to you as an online training course that you can take at your own pace, and two Zoom calls so we can work together on discovering galleries.

You’ll get access to all the system and service improvements as I build it out, at the price you lock in today, for as long as you want it (you can cancel anytime, of course).

The super low price you see below reflects how new this is. It won’t be that for long (at all).

Imagine where you’ll be in a year’s time, in five year’s time, with a steady income from galleries.

Ready to step up?

Just scroll back up and press the button and let’s get started.