(The Uplifting Fanbase: it’s the opposite of spamming)

If you are like most artists I speak with, you don’t know how many are on your mailing list, you can’t remember the last time you sent anything, and you have to think to remember your Mailchimp login.

Occasionally, people sign up for more info, and .. nothing happens.

Well, let’s turn this into a real asset.

Your mailing list can and should raise you up. In spirit and financially.

Want to know how? I’ve got some free training for you, starting with what to say when you write to a dead list. Stick your email in here and I’ll send you it.

    Now is a great time to turn your mailing list into an asset.

    (Perhaps it goes without saying but of course I’ll keep your data safe and it will only ever be used for this purpose. There’s an unsubscribe at the bottom of every email I send, and I won’t and don’t send many anyway. In fact, if you stop opening them, I’ll drop you off the list myself.)