The relevant parts of the main manifestos in the UK election

I asked ChatGPT to summarise for self employed artists the manifestos from each of the parties in the UK election. I know feelings are running high about AI but this wouldn’t happen if I had to read them all and digest them and I couldn’t help but inject my own fairly strong bias, whereas this […]

“I never sell off my website, it doesn’t work for me”

Hi I’ve just been speaking with an artist, they hadn’t updated their website for ages. I’m like ? and they’re “I never sell off my website, it doesn’t work for me, I’m thinking of getting rid of it, it costs too much”. Yeah, well, maybe if you updated it once in a while. Anyway, it’s […]

Get your website on your side

Sign up to my (low volume) sell-your-art mailing list and receive this free guide: 7 things you should do (that you probably are not doing .. trust me, I’ve seen a lot of artists’ websites) and 2 things you should stop doing so your website works for you. I developed this together with artists. I […]

One thing to check for artist SEO

In my artist SEO mastermind group this week we’re talking about one groovy thing you can do to improve your standing in Google search .. however .. since I made this graphic I’ve changed my process. I’ve closed the doors for new entries to the mastermind right now. Entry is through a free challenge week. […]

Protect your mind so you can art

Defence your peace so you can art

There’s a lot to be worried about at the moment and the onslaught of stressful news appears to be the new normal. In order to create art, you need to shore up your mental defences. So that’s the topic of this week at the artist SEO Mastermind group. You know I’ve been doing this a […]

Stop posting ‘I dun another painting’

Get ardent followers by posting about what drives you

Run value-driven social media marketing instead, here’s how and why The problem with posting your artwork is .. it feeds the idea that there is plenty of art. So it doesn’t matter if the buyer waits a while, there will always be another painting to buy. There’s risk in buying now, because tomorrow’s painting might […]

Find your uplifting audience

Artists! Find your uplifting audience

It’s great to get into the studio, get into flow, and create art. But usually, it’s also good to have balance. It’s good to have people who appreciate what you’re doing and give you the feeling that what you’re doing is worthwhile and meaningful. Art is communication. For that you need other people. So in […]