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This is going to be here until Monday 19th July, and then I’ll close it down (because I’ll need to concentrate on helping those who need it, so if you’re curious about how this works, don’t think “oh, I’ll do it later”, there is no later).



How about we create a system to sell your art?

Ideally, it will more or less run itself so you get a bit more time and you can develop your art practice, or maybe take a moment to go visit some galleries, travel or meet up with creative friends.

If it worked like a tap, so we can bring on sales when we need them, and then calm things down when we need to get into flow with the art, that would be great.

Fingers crossed in the end it won’t cost us anything.

I mean, if it sells your art, that’s a very good start, right?

So here’s the thing. I’ve been a marketer for forty years. As a PR guy I fought against advertising. Wayyy too expensive.

But we find ourselves in the modern world with extremely sophisticated, artificial intelligence driven ad systems that are actually quite simple to use.

So let me show you the way I do it. Three steps. Enough of an overview so you get it. I think actually all three steps are going to blow you away if you’re not familiar with what’s possible.

The central premise is this. People don’t tend to buy from strangers. So we need to move people from “never heard of you” to “I’m familiar” to “I absolutely love your work” to getting out their credit card. Along the way, we’re going to build your brand, your fanbase, and your mailing list so you’re all set for the future.

Actually, what the system does is connect you with people who will love your work. Yes, it’s a big tech thing, but the result is human connections.

My three steps does that, click through and drop your email and I’ll show you how it works.

At this stage I’m just going to go over the principles so you understand how it works. If you’re tech-savvy, that will give you enough for you to try it out yourself. But if, although you like the idea of having a system to sell your art, you think you might need to be shown how to do this in detail, step by step, I’ll have an offer for you at the end but that’s obviously completely optional.

Drop your email here and I’ll show you how this works.

All the best


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