(next one: March 2021)

Do you want to be discovered? By serious art buyers, not time-wasters?

Search engine optimisation is literally that .. making yourself findable, discoverable by people who want what you do.

In April 2020, I ran the first 5-day Artist’s SEO challenge and it went really well. It went even better in September. I met some fantastic people, we ‘went live’ every day, we did some really easy, high leverage stuff, understood SEO better, and by the Friday we were ready for the One Big Idea, the way to unify your art practice with SEO and your social media and .. enjoy your artistic lifestyle with even more integrity, while getting paid to do what you do.

Anyway, it worked so I’m going to do it again. If you’d like to pre-register, drop your email address in here (it’s free and I’ll let you know closer to the time what to do next).