This is just a simple post about social media basics.

Dead straightforward.

1 – use more social media platforms

I see lots of artists who just use Facebook.

Add in:

Consider also Etsy.

I mean, at the very least.

2 – automate posting

You can automate posting your work, so you just upload your pic and the information and it will get appear in all your accounts at once.

You can set up WordPress, if that’s what’s behind your website, to post to your social media accounts, so you literally put up your new artwork on your website, and it appears automatically in your social media accounts.

No extra effort, but perhaps five times the reward.

3 – link to your social media accounts from your website

I’ve an artist client who tells me they are on Pinterest but I can’t find them. You need links to your social media accounts on your website. Ideally, I recommend in the footer so they are on every page.

4 – use fewer social media accounts

Yes this contradicts ‘1’ above but that’s the point.

The reason the artists I’m seeing don’t have more social media accounts is because it’s a faff and they’re not really sure and it’s hard to start from nothing with zero followers and so on.

What I want is for you to only be on Facebook (or whatever) from a position of strength, not weakness.

I want you to choose the right social media platform that works for you, brings you the best return. Then get really good at it, because each platform is different. But to get there, you kinda have to try them all out.

That’s it. Short but sweet. Unlike me. I’m tall and .. savoury? That’s not nice!

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