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Get started with your mailing list: 5 ways to woo your list video

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If you’re a visual artist, I’m here to help you sell your work independently so you are free, and you feel validated and supported by a growing group of people who love what you do. I help you through teaching and coaching.

It can be really tough if you are creating art into a void with a growing feeling that no-one understands or wants what you do and you can’t see a way out. The good news is you don’t have to learn how to sell or paint kittens to find people who ‘get you’, people who appreciate your values and where you are coming from. You can build a crowd of people who want what you do and appreciate what you stand for and they look to you for leadership. You do you, all we need is to find your crowd.

It’s important to own your own distribution. It’s not great to be beholden to Facebook or anyone else who takes a cut. Facebook can just change the rules anytime they like, it happened to a big advertising guru not so long ago, they switched off his business (he got it back because he spends a lot but you and I won’t even be able to talk to anyone, there’s no appeal process).

You need three things so you can be a free and appreciated artist: attention and sales at a worthwhile price. If you own your own marketing process then whatever work you do on those three steps: gaining attention, converting those people into fans and moving them to become buyers, any time you invest in improving your marketing, it builds on what came before, so you are moving ever upwards. You know about compound interest, right? Same thing.

I don’t do flash-in-the-pan tips and tricks. I’ve spent my life in marketing. Human psychology doesn’t change quickly, the things that motivate people are eternal: scarcity, consistency, like-likes-like, reciprocation, authority. You can use all those in your marketing so you don’t have to persuade anyone or do any selling, they are already sold by the process you build. I’ll show you how to do that.

Perhaps the biggest question is how are you managing your mailing list? Most often, artists I speak with have around a hundred people on a Mailchimp list and they’ve neglected those people.

I don’t neglect my people .. I have a great mailing list which, if you’ve got this far, I recommend you join right now (you can always unsubscribe if you change your mind, in fact, I’ll remove you myself if you stop engaging). Here’s the link to that, and when you sign up I’ll send you 7 things to do and 2 things to stop doing, my report about the most important things to get right on your website . I developed that in collaboration with artists. If you do even just one of the things on that report it could make a big difference to you. And it’s free, of course.

Your mailing list is (or should be) the place you can turn to for support, it’s where your biggest fans hang out. Facebook can’t switch that off. Your people are yours. You can start building those relationships today so you’re one step closer to waking up every morning feeling appreciated, free to paint and knowing people want what you do.

How do you build your relationship with your mailing list? What does that even mean? What do you need to do? I’ve a free video: 5 ways to woo your list here , go watch that so you can get started on your journey right now. Again, free.

If you want to be appreciated as an artist: emotionally and financially .. I’m here for you, and my mailing list is where it all happens so make sure you’re on that and we’ll go from there.

Stay safe, sell art.