My partner had one of those dead simple, big button phones that you can drop and not worry about it. It would break into bits on the floor as a way of absorbing the shock and she would piece it back together like a soldier and his rifle.

Modern phones are terrible for interrupting your thought patterns.

And a member of the band I play in is going bonkers about 5G. They reckon it’s going to change our DNA and a few generations down the line we’ll be ridden with chromosonal faults.

Oh, and there’s the small matter of the working conditions of those mining rare minerals and/or piecing the phones together.

And the mental health issues surrounding trying to become an influencer.

The thing is: Instagram. 1 billion users & still growing. There are workarounds, but effectively you can only post from your mobile phone.

Instagram’s free use of hashtags lets you reach out to people wanting what you do (Facebook isn’t like that). There are 8 million images tagged #watercolour. 31 million with the American spelling. 11 million tagged with #oilPainting Try out your own favourite hashtag here

Exploring that a little, if there are 11 million #oilPainting tags, and Instagram’s been going since 2010 .. OK I won’t bore you with the maths (partly because it’s so rough and ready we’ll all get hung up on how wrong it is) but I think that’s 1 #oilPainting tag for every 455 user year. Which I think means that hashtag is presently being used 4 times every minute.

Anyway, all I wanted to say is this. If you want to play, it’s good to have the equipment.

And while I .. more than you know .. would love you to be not buying a phone for sound ethical or lifestyle or mental health reasons that you stand for and are part of your brand .. to be honest I’m totally happy with you being a dropper or loser of phones and so it’s not worth having a good one .. I’m basically totally happy if you haven’t got a modern phone because of {good reason} but you haven’t just because {bleeurgh} then maybe start thinking about getting a decent phone, and then you can get an Instagram account and get a following on there.

4 #oilPainting tags every minute!

And the other benefit is that you’ll always have a decent camera in your pocket.

You need the tools for the job, basically.

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