Wow, welcome to The Necessary*, you’re on your way to artistic recognition and higher website sales.

PLUS, when you sell off your own website, you get the full price, there’s no commission to pay.

Courses are great, I love them, I’m always on two or three. But what I’ve seen is that people can get stuck on something, some strategic question, a technical thing they don’t know how to do, or something that needs doing but it’s really not what they are skilled at or want to do. And they come to a full stop, can’t get past it and that’s the end of the journey for them.

In The Necessary, of course I’m here to answer questions and we’ll do some live work and I’ll check in with you. But what if we grasped the full opportunity .. 

.. what if I partner with you and we make a team?

Kinda like coaching-lite. But also, I can back you up and actually do technical stuff or copywriting.

I’m expecting those to be the big things. My first class degree is in Internet Computing so I can do technical stuff. Copywriting, well that might be my biggest skill, I worked in PR for twenty years but nowadays I write to reach deep and find motivations and clarity you perhaps didn’t know you had. At the same time, I write for search, so people who want what you do can find you, they find the copy, and they are motivated to read it because it speaks to their pain and gives them a step forward.

Like this. There will be a part of the course where you’ll stumble. Or groan and lose motivation. That’s where the growth is. If you stop there, where you always stop, have we really grasped the full opportunity for change? Like I say, I am here to spot that and heave you through as part of The Necessary.

But what if during the course of the year, when you got busy or when you found something that needs doing that you really actually don’t want to, or can’t, do, what if we were a team, and I could take that on and just do it for you?

What if that increased your chances of getting to the finish line with everything done, so you get more happy surprise emails and opportunities you haven’t even thought about yet?

But also in the times when you’re fine and everything’s cool and you’re on it, I will still be looking out for you and coaching you forward. Not .. like irritatingly pushing (God, I’d hate that) .. I mean, looking ahead for you (I know what’s coming, remember), making sure you celebrate your successes and maybe I’m an accountability partner if that would be useful.

Anyway, here’s the proposal.

£297 per month starting January. You can switch it off anytime you like, and it entitles you to 5 hours of support per month on average. ‘On average’ means you can bank those hours and use them up later if you like.

We get to work out where I’m strongest compared to your skills so I can fill your gaps for you so that you get all the recognition for your artistic efforts that you deserve and demonstrably want (you wouldn’t have signed up for The Necessary if you didn’t).

You get the best of me plus the best of you, working together to get you closer to your goals, maybe so that everyday you get the freedom to choose between exciting and fulfilling projects and directions to explore.

So that’s what I’m offering, a partnership so we can work together and use each of our strengths.

The first payment isn’t until 1 Jan and you can cancel anytime, so if you think this will give you the best possible chance of positive change, there’s a Paypal subscription button, just click that and we’re partners.

Bless you, and I’ll see you on the course.

Stay safe, sell art.

* You should only see this page if you have signed up to The Necessary training programme