punk / be a leader (yes you)

Hey Before I get started, I want to thank everyone who got back to me about the last post, I really appreciate the support and feedback. This is not me telling you that you should do things the way I say. Sure I haz skillz, but it’s more important that I listen and share, so […]

I’m occered


I’m stubborn. Awkward (occered is how we’d pronounce that where I come from). This is not a solutions post. This is about .. I think you and I are the same. Occered. I’ve bounced off a few coaches in the last year or so. We talk, and they conclude that I’m unteachable. They are right, […]

Get yourself a decent phone

My partner had one of those dead simple, big button phones that you can drop and not worry about it. It would break into bits on the floor as a way of absorbing the shock and she would piece it back together like a soldier and his rifle. Modern phones are terrible for interrupting your […]

Get it done

As an artist, you are completely in control of what you do. It’s probably why you’re an artist, because you want complete control. I’m going to call that congruency. It’s a good thing. As a marketer, I push for brand congruency all the time. Ferrari shouldn’t be posting kitten pictures. And I would push for […]