“To be honest, I want the artists’ lifestyle without the hassle of having to deal with people”


There are some really easy steps you can take that will massively increase your chance of being discovered by people who want what you do.

(Most artists aren’t doing them.)

These steps acknowledge and respect Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) without getting bogged down in the detail. The goal is to get you higher in search for people who are serious about buying art. Remember when we say that, every ‘search’ represents someone trying to find an answer to a need they have.

So I’m putting together a 5-day challenge to introduce these techniques to you.

It’s for artists like yourself to come on a simple journey with me to learn 5 easy things that will make a real difference to your practice.

It’s completely FREE!

I’ll go through everything with you and I’ve cleared the decks for the week so I’ll be here in support throughout, in live sessions and in the Facebook group answering your questions.

We’re going to do this starting Monday and if you are seeing this page, it’s because you’ve been recommended to come here by a friend.

Just so you know about me: I’ve been an ethical marketer since .. the 80s. I was in PR for a couple of decades, then I took a degree in Internet Computing and now I’m a marketing consultant.

Anyway, my thing now is creating marketing systems that move people from “never heard of you” to lunatic advocates. Search engine optimisation is part of that.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) aims to give you your rightful place in Google so buyers (not time-wasters) can find you.

There’s a lot to it, but I’ve distilled my decades of experience and knowledge and God knows how much I’ve spent on learning this stuff into 5 simple tasks.

These are my top level, most profound and simplest action points for you, so you can continue living the artist’s lifestyle and be discovered (and sell work) without fuss.

Join me on this challenge and we’ll do this together. I’ll be here in support all week, answer any of your questions and at the end of the week you’ll be wayy ahead of where you were. You’ll look back on this week as a turning point.

Oh no! You missed out :-O

Sign up below. Like I said, it’s free, we start Monday 27 April and it’s now closed to everyday folk, but since you are a friend of a friend, I’ve extended things to the very last .. Sunday 7pm UK time. Don’t miss out.