3.2 A free tool: Answer the Public

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flodebretagne@gmail.com 31st March 2021 at 00:53

I wonder what you do with these additional words, questions that people ask, and buying phrases? Do you add them to your initial list from the previous video (your list with 10 keywords)?

admin (Administrator) 7th April 2021 at 11:53

I think this might become clearer .. this is one of a few sources of keyphrase ideas, so I’ll go through those. Then we need to work out which phrases are moneymaking phrases, so that’s module 3.6. In 3.7 I go through how to casually weave in some of these phrases to your website without triggering any alarms. And in 3.8 I talk about writing for SEO so that when you write anything in the future, you’ll want these phrases to hand.

But then in module 4 we start to actually create content, and this can be stimulated by the search phrases you’ve discovered.

Personally, I run it all through a spreadsheet, add in a ‘relevance’ score, create a grand ‘points’ value, sort it all by that and then see what I feel about the top items. I can’t remember if I show you that on this course, but I wanted to go with how it feels, given that will be an artist’s most exercised muscle and there’s no amount of spreadsheet formulae that going to swing an artist away from “that one seems right/exciting/inspiring, that one not so much” and nor would I wish to impose anything like that.

So basically, check these sources of keyword information and see what excites you. Note those, and we’ll deal with them in later modules.

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