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mrsgenbrown@hotmail.com 16th March 2021 at 00:19

Thanks for that John. I knew some of what you said. How effctive is it to get followers on social media to sign up to your email lst. I currently send them to my website but could change to email?

admin (Administrator) 16th March 2021 at 16:41

Hi Gen,

Thanks for commenting. I’m not necessarily saying “hey, you on Facebook, come here and join my mailing list” .. it’s just that the idea on social media is to get traffic to your website, and then on the website you want people to sign up to your mailing list if you can. So on social media you’d post something incomplete about a new work that they would resolve by clicking to your website, and then naturally (perhaps at the bottom of the page) you’d say something like “if you want to be first to hear about my work, preview invitations and so on, I start with people on my mailing list and you can be on it too”. I’m not a big fan of ardent popups, so I’d keep it pretty low key.

Sounds like you’re doing it right sending people to your website, I would just be sure there’s a clear but unobtrusive call to join your email list, and to my mind its place is just above the footer on pretty much every page.

You can shortcut this a little with pay per click, if you have budget, but that’s a different course (coming soon) 🙂

I’ve just had a quick look at your website and you’re doing all of that fine, so perhaps the subtlety is just how to bring people to your website from social media (just include a link to the website page for the work when you post on social media .. it’s a slight faff in that you have to make the website page before you post).


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