OK, really quick. I was looking at providing an advertising (pay per click (PPC)), social media ads service for artists and I sat in a quiet room for a bit, chewing my pencil, and this came.

You don’t care about ads.

You just want to sell your art.

So how about yes I run PPC ads for you .. but basically think of me as a profit optimising machine.

Let’s say you generally sell your art for £1,000 and you sell three a month, but actually you paint five so you have a growing inventory in which you’ve invested time and materials and your living space is getting full.

Let’s say you bring me in and we start with a £500 per month arrangement which is paid up front .. half is for my time, the other half for the actual ad cost.

We raise your prices by £200 per work, so it doesn’t cost you anything.

We have a monthly Zoom meeting to agree what we are doing, but broadly, I do my thing and you provide materials .. videos perhaps. Artwork images. News.

In this new system, you’re still selling 3 per month but you’re making more money but paying it to me. So far so boring.

But I’m optimising. Measuring. Tweaking. And maybe I can get all five sold each month.

And if I can do that, we can raise your prices again. So now you’re selling 5 x £1,500 a month. (It’s £7,500 if you’re interested, more than double what you were).

Now, that’s all fantasy. I’m not promising anything other than to do the work.

But what if?

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