Awesome, so assuming you clicked the GDPR happy box there’s one more step you need to take .. check your email and confirm I have your address right. (If you didn’t, nothing will happen. You can always go back and do it again.)

Step two is: I’m building out some training videos so it all depends what day it is as you read this. I’m writing this copy on the 8 June (2021), the first training video is in my diary for the 13th and I haven’t recorded it yet. Have I written it? Yes. In my head.

Anyway, so if it all goes to plan, that will happen. And there are three stages, so three videos with due space inbetween while I actually create them.

If you’ve arrived in the middle of all of that, wait for the next email and there’ll be links so you can track back to see the earlier videos.

I’ll fuss about this during June and then there are other things I need to move on, so catch it while you can.

All the best