Hello frustrated artist 🙂

It’s not easy to make a decent living as an artist. It should be, you’ve got the skills, you put in the hours. But still, I see no queue of buyers.

I get it .. I feel you. We’re more alike than you might think. Where you explore art, I explore marketing. So let’s walk together for a while.

I had a ptang moment (like when your elastic snaps and you realise something).

Exhibitions automatically contain loads of sales psychology. But they are hard to come by.

So ptang .. you could just exhibit on your own website. Do all the marketing, have a preview, all that. But the whole Paying The Gallery 40% thing is gone, and you can do it all in your jim jams.

What’s missing is .. you don’t know what I know about marketing your exhibition and selling your art.

I’ve been in marketing for 40 years, half of that was in PR. I also took the time out to get a first class Internet Computing degree. (I am absolutely fascinating at parties, honestly.)

So .. ptang again .. what if I put together an online training package so you can discover how to build up excitement around your exhibition, how to harness your existing buyers, and how to continue to sell your work after the exhibition is over?

Marketing is worth doing when you’ve 20 paintings at £1,000 each to sell.

You need to know I’m an ethical marketer. Always have been. So we’re doing this in a good way, not in a 70s car dealer kinda way, OK? Saul Good, man.

I’ve developed several programmes to answer various artist marketing problems and so I don’t go completely mad can continue to provide excellent customer service, I open up one at a time. Gallery You is opening up soon. It takes you from where you are to publicising and running your own art exhibition and selling your art online.

(You can use the marketing techniques to publicise a real-world exhibition, if you have one. And once you have the process, you can use it again and again. Running your own exhibitions could be your main source of income.)

You’re probably here because of an ad. You may not see any other publicity about this and may miss the whole thing. So .. put your email in here so I can let you know. Ethical marketer, remember. No shenanigans, respect to your privacy, all that.

I’d like to hear more about Gallery You

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I think this is my best training course yet.

Stay safe, sell art

John Allsopp