Thank-you for your interest in Artist’s SEO coaching.

As a creative person you’ll be no doubt be aware of the value of another perspective, particularly from someone skilled, who’s trodden this path before, and who is in total support of what you want.

(ie. not just some weird Internet opinion from someone without your best interests at heart.)

I don’t know about you, but I’m super independent. I HATE being told what to do. Emotionally, I’m exceptionally steady .. I’m like an oil tanker .. but when I was a teenager I’d get enraged if asked to do the washing up. But I’d be happy to do the washing up. I just wanted to do it as a nice thing, as a contribution, not because I had been told to.

Nowadays, I’m super-resistant to being coached. I spend all my money on training and books. But coaching .. someone actually telling me what to do? No.

My resistance determines the sort of coaching that I do. I want to know what you want, what problem you face right now, what hurdle, what’s in your way. And I’ll try to help. That’s it.

This is the sort of feedback I get from coaching

So, don’t expect me to drive you forward, I’m not here to judge your situation, and I’m not a motivational coach. I just open doors for you.

I might knock down a barrier or two.

Like I say, the first session is free, it’s just half an hour out of your day, we can schedule it in and I’ll ring on the dot so I’m not wasting your time.

I want you to get into the right frame of mind for it, so I’m going to send you another email so you get the idea of what’s involved, so look out for that.

And yeah .. hello. I’m looking forward to chatting with you.

All the best