Transform 2.0 (Plan): 14-Week Scientific Art Sales System

£74.25 / month for 4 months

Transform clarifies what to say to attract serious buyers and sell your art more easily and with that in place you’ll be more attractive to buyers, collectors and galleries and increasingly confident in yourself and your art.

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I always wanted your marketing to reflect your art and be unique to you.

But then there’s reality and science and proven ways to do things. And evidence of things changing (like what you get out of Instagram, and the growth of AI). So through working with so many artists .. the data is in.

Announcing Transform: the Artist SEO system for building your own independent art business. Just you and your fans, sustainably into the future. (And if you’re already selling and sustainable .. more so.)

I’m just going to open registration, I should write this as beautiful sales copy but I really want to just get this working for you & I’m not going to show you an amazing ‘front’. If you’ve worked with me, you’ve probably heard me say “I don’t know”, that means, let’s try it and see. What follows is all proven art sales stuff. I’ll walk you through it all on the course so by week 5 you’ll have offers out in the market, and by week 14 you’ll have a new income stream (no promises) and a new way to sell your art.

Overall, we’re obviously going to start with values. Apologies to you if you’ve done it before but it’s always good to revisit and keep it up to date. We’re going to decide what you want to sell and get it ready, then work out who you’re selling to. Those are the foundation blocks.

The core of this training is testing. We’re going to work out your most effective demand trigger. That is .. literally, what turns people from slatting around doing all the usual stuff to .. “I want that”?

I can tell you now. It’s when you solve a nagging need in the back of your buyer’s head.

Problem is .. it’s in the back of your buyer’s head. Neither me nor you know which is the hot button. So we have to test.

AND THEN, we’ll 80/20 it.

The best 20% of the demand triggers you tested, we’ll test them again.

So in the end, you have absolute clarity on what brings people to you, what they need, and what service you provide for them through your art.

Then we’ll work on your art sales funnel.

Then we’ll ramp it up with newsletters and offers.

It’s delivered as video lessons with help from me in the comments.

The course will begin on Monday 11th March. If you’re reading this and it’s after then, it’s started and I haven’t amended this text but it’s OK you can join anytime later and go at your own pace, still with my support.

Quick-fix promises are just sugar. This is real marketing and it’s as forever as it can be. It answers the question: what is it your buyers want that you can provide, deep down. Identify that and communicate it and you’re good.

If you’re ready to step up, let’s do this (scroll up ^^, add to basket, do the thing, I’ll reserve your place and we’re on! If you’d rather pay the full amount now, here’s the link: )