Transform 3.0 (Plan): Unlock Artistic Success: Gain Clarity, Find Niche Buyers and Automate Sales

£49.50 / month for 6 months

Transform clarifies what to say to attract serious buyers and sell your art more easily and with that in place you’ll be more attractive to buyers, collectors and galleries and increasingly confident in yourself and your art.



TLDR: Gain clarity, find niche new buyers, discover what to say to sell your art, build an (almost) automated sales system, spend more time in the studio, enjoy your artistic freedom.

“I see you. You’re capable. Intelligent. And you’ve tried hard to sell your art. It works, off and on. Just enough so as not to give up, not enough to relax.”

Writing like that is amazingly powerful. If that’s you it’s hard to forget.

Transform 3.0 is about getting clear on what drives you, finding others who feel the same way, writing to them about themselves in a way that resonates, testing different messages to see what motivates them to buy, then scaling that into your own feel-good art sales system that’s mostly automated so you can mostly art and the sales will come.

Quick-fix promises are just sugar. This is real marketing and it’s as forever as it can be. It answers the question: what is it your buyers want that you can provide, deep down. Identify that and communicate it and you’re good.

Registration is open for just a short time so let’s do this (scroll up ^^, add to basket, do the thing, I’ll reserve your place and we’re on! If you’d rather get it paid up, here’s the link: )